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Riverside Avondale Night Trolley

Ride Every First Friday and Saturday of the Month

After a successful six month trial run, the JTA has committed to continuing the Riverside Avondale Night Trolley indefinitely on a monthly basis! The trolley route features stops throughout the neighborhood residential and commercial districts, hitting 5 Points, Park & King, the Shoppes of Avondale, the Brewery District, Stockton & College and the St Johns Village area.

The Riverside Avondale Night Trolley will run the first full weekend (Friday and Saturday) of every month from 6pm until 2am. Tickets are can be purchased at $1.50 for a single ride (exact change only) or $4 for a STAR card, which is a day pass that allows you to transfer between stops. Click Here for locations where you can purchase a STAR card

The trolley picks up riders everywhere you see a Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) sign posted in the neighborhood along the below route.
Check out the map on the official Riverside Avondale Night Trolley website, On trolley nights a mobile optimized website will show all the trolley stops and the real time locations of the running trolleys. Learn more here

Riverside Avondale Preservation and area merchants invite Jacksonville to experience a clean, convenient, reliable and low cost public transportation as viable alternative to cars in our neighborhood.

Tips for Riding the Trolley August 1st – 2nd

The addition of the Downtown Night Trolley as a trial run for the first weekend in August is an exciting step in the right direction in increasing transportation alternatives in our urban core and providing connectivity between Riverside Avondale, Brooklyn and Downtown.

What you need to know:

? SEPARATE SYSTEM — The Downtown Trolley and the Riverside Avondale Trolley are two completely separate loops that connect with specific transfer stops on Margaret Street. Separate Route, Separate Schedule, Separate Fare.
? STAR Cards – the easiest and most economical way to ride the trolley is to get a day pass in advance at these retailers. JTA’s day pass permits unlimited on and off privileges all night and transfers between Downtown and Riverside Avondale Trolleys.
? PAY PER RIDE – Bring exact change! The trolley takes ones and quarters and each ride is $1.50. You will not be able to transfer between the Riverside Avondale and Downtown Trolleys without paying an additional fare, unless you have a STAR Card.
? TRACK THE TROLLEY — Use the website to track the trolleys with GPS and also to double check that you are getting on the correct trolley for your destination (Downtown or Riverside Avondale)
? TRANSFER SITES — Look for Yard Signs that designate Downtown Trolley Transfer Sites.
? WATCH THE TIME — Although the trolley is advertised as running until 2:00 am, you should plan to catch the closest trolley to you after 1:00 am in order to get home as there is only one trolley in circulation after midnight for each route.

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